Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pictures of our trip to Central Asia

Me taking a picture of Leigh and Jessica taking pictures. Do we look like tourists or what?

Chuck and Greg looking for a place to sit down and eat. Notice that Chuck has his Alabama shirt on. But what you can't see is Greg's Auburn belt. And of course I have my Troy shirt on as well. Even half way around the world we have to represent our beloved universities. Go Trojans!

Here is the rest of the team posing in a square that is popular among tourists. Among the buildings behind the team is an opera/performing arts house. Jessica was excited to see that!
We are fresh off the plane and getting ready to look for a place to get some good local food. Truth be told, we ate at a place where the food was "outstanding."

Here is part of the gang as we are getting ready to load up and make the 3+ hour drive to the airport. We are excited about leaving, but dreading being cramped on an airplane for 8-9 hours. In total (with driving, security checkpoints, waiting in lines, and flying) it took about 25-26 hours to get from door-to-door. But the temporary discomfort fades as we have our minds on making eternal differences during our trip.

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